How It Works

How It Works


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Tell us about what you want. What style? What shapes?  What colours?What you want in it? Tell us everything. The more information you share the more likely you will get what you are looking for. We also ask for your budget at this stage so we can come up with an affordable price for you.



We will get back to you with a price within your budget, and a few ideas and questions about your new logo. We also ask for a 25% non refundable deposit before we start editing this will be taken off the final bill.



Once the deposit is paid we can start editing your logo, this normally takes 1 – 5 days. Don’t worry if it is taking longer we haven’t forgot about you we are just putting in a lot of work into your logo.



We then will send you a watermarked version of your logo, this can then be approved or ask for changes to be done.



Finally when you have approved the logo and sent the remainder of the bill we we will send you your unwatermarked logo in full HD, we will supply it in any format you request such as P.N.G or P.D.F.

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